Infinite Possibilities : A travelling zine

Infinite Possibilities_Cover_Small

I have been following the Zine squad over on Instagram and admiring their creations from a far so when I got asked to be involved I hesitated only momentarily before jumping in and saying yes. The zine squad make collaborative zines and then surprise a very lucky recipient by sending it to them. It’s a bit sneaky and a lot of fun!



The theme of the zine was Infinite Possibilities  as it was made for Katie and Space is a particular interest ( passion) of hers. When it arrived in my mail box in a parcel with stamps from Greece I excitedly tore open the envelope and I can’t even tell you how many times I looked at the already completed pages by Jules, Vanessa and Zinia. It’s one thing to like an image on Instagram, or visit someones blog and marvel at how they express themselves with art but to see and feel the pages, well it was really moving.


I did my usual trick of putting it to the side and let some ideas brew until it really was time to just get it done (panic stations). I did two single pages and a double page spread. Can you guess which ones? I am pretty pleased with what I ended up coming up with and the overall zine pages complemented each other.  I posted it off to Katie in the USA and truth be told it was kind of hard to say good bye and also exciting to be sending to it’s recipient.


I feel really privileged to have been involved in this creative collaboration. It reminded me to keep “arting”, keep putting myself out there and trying new things even when they are out our my comfort zone.


I hope your enjoyed a peek into this zine, you can check out what else the Zine squad have been up to by checking them out on Instagram or clicking on their names which link to their inspiring blogs.

Thanks for stopping by.

Emily 🙂



12 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities : A travelling zine

  1. Fabulous pages Emily and I loved doing my little collab last year. My guess has your pages as the ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ double spread and Plato’s astronomy quote? I’ve really missed art journaling and think I need to commit to posting each week this season xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You guessed correctly Rebecca. I’ve just committed to weekly posting again because otherwise I think it might slip. See you over on Instagram or your blog .


  2. Catching up on a few posts… I LOVE THIS Emily! I love your art, I love the space theme, and I hope I get to see them in real life! I can’t wait until I have my mess sorted so I can start playing with art journaling 🙂


    1. Yes this was great ( not all my art though ). I am excited for you to be starting art journaling. Happy to point you in the direction of some great blogs etc. if you like . Hopefully see you soon and. It have to dash off !


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