Messy Lists 2 : Get Messy Art Journal and Life


Super Powers I would like

Hitting my stride with this challenge of listing meets art journaling and I’m pleased with how my little journal is filling up. I was inspired by so many things this week and somehow managed to bring some of that inspiration into my journal pages. It’s great when that happens isn’t it?

I watched a video of Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd being interviewed by Caylee and Lauren (of Get Messy) talking about art journaling. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I’m a fan girl of Vanessa and after watching this even more so! I admire how she brings her life and her truth into her journals and also how much she has grown as an artist. Her enthusiasm for art journaling I found totally contagious and getting a peek into her bursting journals renewed my love of all things art journal!


I listened to a really interesting and thought/emotion provoking podcast with Elle Luna about should vs. must , a daily practice of following your heart. Wow, I’m so grateful and amazed when things come into my life just when I need them, and as I sat on the train to Melbourne listening to her words I was having little “aha” moments. I was probably smiling and nodding and looking quite silly. Actually I have even written a draft of a blog post just about it, but being clumsy of word at the moment it may stay in the draft box.


Plus I’ve started on my menopause research journey with this a book by Dr. Christiane Northrup called Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and wow I am feeling so much more positive about this next stage of my life already. Also I’ve been meditating using the headspace app, exercising and eating well and all in all it’s been a pretty awesome week.

I think my pages and lists show a little of the self reflection I’m doing and the fun I’m having in this season  of art journaling with Get Messy and 30 days of lists.


Smudged and that’s ok

I hope your week has been good to you too.


5 thoughts on “Messy Lists 2 : Get Messy Art Journal and Life

    1. Yes it has been, but I’m feeling like if I can say good bye and thank you to that stage I can welcome the new stage with open and welcoming arms ( well at least that’s what I’m hoping I can do haha)

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