Do it for the process : Get Messy : Introspection : Week 4

Want a sneak peek at the process behind my art journal pages? Well this week for something different, I took some photos as I made my pages with the prompts from Get Messy art journaling. I took a photo as I finished each ” layer”. It was actually interesting to me to break it down and see my own process a little more clearly. Having said that, no two pages are ever the same and that’s part of the beauty of art journaling.

My Brain Dump and a silhouette cut from an envelope and some collage fodder ready to go. (yes my mind is a busy place) 
Add some collage to my silhouette and some happy gouache.
I made it more organic with some doodling with pencil and Neocolours.
Looked at it again and decided some blue was needed.  I’m  happy with it now 🙂

My next spread represents my current infatuation/ obsession with Gouache. This spread just came to me, and took on a life of it’s own. There was no stopping for process shots, just the joy of creating  and being in the zone.

She dreams in colour .

Have you ever tried taking some process photos of a project ? It can be quite satisfying to see something created out of nothing, a blank page filled, a recipe cooked or a sketch in your sketchbook. I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Happy weekend to you.

Emily x


6 thoughts on “Do it for the process : Get Messy : Introspection : Week 4

  1. Love that collaged silhouette Emily. Really interesting to break it all down and I often wish I’d taken more progress shots – esp if I do something I don’t like as much. I have a habit of over-working things sometimes…!


    1. I often take at least one in case I “wreck” it along the way. It helps me be brave on a page, which is kind of silly, but it works for me Rebecca 🙂


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