Stationery stocktake, too much or never enough?


How many journal notebooks do you have on the go? How do you organize your life? What about sketchbooks or art journals? I’m a little bit scared to add mine up, but over the last few days I have been thinking about and mind mapping how I do all my little creative ventures/adventures. We have a week off (finally!) and I’m using lots of it to get my head and heart sorted about how to organize my life in 2015, my goals and priorities.

I had a breakthrough yesterday, I realized that although I do admire peoples sketchbooks and art journals that have a continuity to them, a style that runs through them. Be it art journaling, daily doodling, daily sketching they seem to flow. Well mine don’t ! In my sketchbook there are lots of pages I don’t love with ones that I do love in amongst them,same with art journaling, same with every notebook.

Well my break though was feeling ok about that, I am learning and exploring. I’m trying new media, new things all the time. I am at this stage just making the commitment to put the time in, to spend time expressing myself, with marks on papers with words and with colour . So BAM , I gave away the expectation that I’m going to have these consistent themed/styled books and that I’m going to love everything I do.The second part of that is giving myself permission to have as many books on the go as I like! Which will help me with the feeling of flow through my journals as I explore different things.

So here goes, this is my show and tell of what I’ve got going in at the moment, as of yesterday.
– journal for writing whenever I feel like writing (usually early morning)
-mini journal for writing a few words each day about something I’m grateful for or have enjoyed about the day. ( this also has a section for ideas and doodling/ sketching). I’m going to have this with me all the time.( my new midori traveler’s notebook,very lovely!)
-mini sketchbook. I’m going to try and do a sketch every day in this little moleskine sketchbook, an observational sketch. Inspired by the sketchbook class I’m doing over at craftsy. I hope in five years I have lots of these filled and I’m a more proficient sketcher 🙂
– explorations in artjournaling . I love the idea of art journaling, but it doesn’t come easily to me, so this will be my exploration into this media/ multimedia. I’m playing along with getmessyartjournal this year to help me along.
– another sketchbook, for bigger sketches, drawing, doodling and Lisa Congdon inspired sketchbook spreads. I’ve been enjoying that class so much!
– mini art journal, I got this idea from Tanyalee at The Drawing Board, it’s just a little cheap diary and everyday I just doodle something, stick something in or write something. It looks really cute and it takes me just a few minutes to do. I think I’m going to love flicking back through this at the end of the year. Phew!

That’s quite a few isn’t it?! But since my little shift yesterday I’m feeling great about it rather than embarrassed . I’m embracing my love of stationery and paper and of exploring my creativity….go me!

What about you, do you love stationery, is there such as thing as enough or too much. How many different journals do you have on the go? Do you ever feel a bit guilty about having too many ? Hopefully not after reading my extensive list ! Happy creating and thanks for reading .
Emily 🙂

ps. There may be a few extra straggly sketchbooks and notebooks not included in this tally he he 🙂


18 thoughts on “Stationery stocktake, too much or never enough?

  1. LOL I know exactly where you are coming from:) I have art journals all over the place but am also trying to sinc them a bit. You are certainly have set up some creative habits and I have just started the Lisa Congdon course too-love it. I have also signed up to do Mandala Magic course which starts next week. I think you can never have too many and it often depends on what mood you are in at the time I think. Good on you. You have inspired me to check out the mini art journal project. I have a lovely engagement planner that is just crying out foe something like this. Love your style:)


    1. Thanks Jenny, it’s good to know I’m in great company. I hope you enjoy the Lisa Congdon class too, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of your creations. Thanks for stopping by . Emily


  2. You are not alone! I am definitely a stationary addict. I always have been. There is something about crisp pages encased in a beautiful cover that gets me every.single. time.
    I have a little journal that 3 guys I manage (who clearly know me well) gave me & I’m currently using that to journal all my sewing notes & projects.
    I also have a simple journal that I try to write in each night. I was so good with this, but I’ve just started again after a 3 month break.
    I have lots of other little note books on the go with natural health remedies, blog ideas, recipes etc. I actually have my own recipe binder, I must get back into actually putting the recipes in there.
    In addition to all of that, I’m just about to start an online course that I think deserves a journal of its own, but I’ve resisted so far…maybe I’ll use your post as permission to get something? haha.


    1. Thanks Cal, it’s great to know I’m not alone! I had forgotten about my blogging book oops.All the best with your new online course, oh and permission granted to get yourself a new journal LOL 🙂


  3. i can relate! I have a ‘sentence’ notebook, a Julia Cameron style writing notebook and notebooks filled with doodles, sketches, etc. like you my doodle/drawing sketchbooks aren’t themed and some pages I love and some I really don’t like and they offend my sense of order and beauty! I’ve been trying to remind myself that this doesn’t matter – mistakes, everything! – are part of the creative process so I try not to get bogged down by the ‘ugly’ pages! I think I want to do a bit of a creative stocktake to get my ideas and priorities sorted for this year. I’m looking forward to a week at home to mull over this!


    1. Sense of order and beauty , that’s exactly it for me too! I’ve even contemplated taking out my favourites and making a best of 2014 scrapbook. I hope your creative stocktake week goes well. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely doodles in my Instagram feed.


  4. I have five little notebooks and three sketchbooks on the go! I really need to clean out and start again.
    I have a huge love of stationary and avoid officeworks because I know I won’r be able to resist new bits and pieces!

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  5. I have a box by my bed with all my overdue snail mail letters to reply to, a big watercolour sketch binder, a small sketch pad and so many loose pens/pencils/glue sticks and ephemera that I have nicked from my kids’ homework box. That happens when I get the urge to do something and then they never get put back. It’s payback, because I often find my favourite fine-liners stashed in their bedside drawers! I adore stationery. New. old. sentimental. I have some boxes of my late mum’s that I have kept just as she had them. I like footling through her bits and pieces.
    I really like what you wrote here:
    “I gave away the expectation that I’m going to have these consistent themed/styled books and that I’m going to love everything I do”. That kind of breakthrough is HUGE. Letting go of the ‘should’ about your art. I have had to do that with my writing. Sometimes I have to do it again when the ‘should’ s come back. Should is a very destructive inner voice! She is no longer my friend!
    I love your double page watercolour and ink page. It is so beautiful!


    1. That’s lovely that you still have bits and pieces of your mum’s Rachel. I have some bits and bobs from my Grandad ( I think I inherited the stationery gene from him and my mum). Good job getting rid of should ( good riddance to her) and thanks for your lovely feedback on my sketchbook x


  6. Oh! I just love this Emily, just love it – I feel exactly the same. So much of what stops me from just being creative and doing creative things is that I often don’t like the result, it’s not what I wanted or was aiming for. So much pressure on the end result that I’m not focussed on the process. This is the case with my writing to. What a wonderful revelation to be okay with that. And to do it anyway. Thank-you so much for the reminder of this. I really love what you are doing here. I love following your creative journey. You know that phrase perfection is the enemy of good? Well I think you’ve just redefined it – perfection is the enemy of process. Thank-you! x


    1. Thanks Kate, I think that is so true perfection is the enemy of process. Well at least a major obstacle . I just keep reminding myself to enjoy the process and then I sometimes get these lovely surprises with what comes out of the process. Your writing is great, so I hope you can give away the idea of perfection and enjoy your process. Emily x


  7. Love cute stationary, but I buy A4 lined paper files/stationary-the bigger the better for all my ideas that I need to get out of my head but will never see the light of day. Your notebooks are so pretty x


  8. I can definitely relate to this. I have a notebook or moleskine for all possible scenarios. One I’ve started recently is a London Moleskine, where I can record my adventures here, places of interest, cafes, museums and books shops I should return to and it has a little section to trace walks I’ve been on. I think you can never have too many idea books if your a creative person. I Always feel slightly anxious if I have a good idea and nowhere to record it and I love looking back over old notebooks and being reminded of what I was was thinking about and feeling. Thank you for reassuring me that I am not the only one with a need for multiple notebooks!


    1. Thanks Naomi, it’s been lovely(and reassuring) to hear that I’m not the only one who enjoys multiple notebooks. I am feeling comforted having a little notebook in my bag now for ideas and I’m feeling good about my little stack of creative books. Your London moleskine sounds great!


  9. I have been a stationery addict since primary school and my kids have inherited the gene. We each have numerous writing journals and endless sketchbooks on the go. No order to them. The house is filled with them and then add in my hundreds of pens!!!!


    1. I wonder if the gene is recessive or dominant lol. It feels good to be happy about the addiction/love rather than ashamed though I think! I’m not too bad with Pens but apparently with art supplies lol


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