What is Brave ?

imageWhat is brave? This season of art journaling in the get messy art group is around the theme of Brave, so before I put anything in my art journal I’m thinking about what brave is.

One of the first things that came to mind was “Feel the fear and do it anyway”  by Susan Jeffers. This is a quote my mum said out loud a lot in the 80’s. On reflection it is kind of great that whatever inspirational book she was reading, kind of seeped into our lives too, a bit like how what I’m doing now seeps into our family life, a kind of osmosis.

Anyway to me being brave is a personal thing, it’s about doing things that I’m scared of doing, or uncomfortable doing or haven’t done before. It is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” Seth Godin

Last year when I signed up for an online course called Inspiration Information, I found that so scary and exciting at the same time. It was the first online thing I had ever done, I was putting myself out into the world as someone who wanted to pursue my creativity ( with complete strangers!). Not an artist, or a talented creator, just a mum who was entering a new phase of life( these days I call myself a creative person,I’m happy with my level of ability).  A stage where I wasn’t as needed physically by my children, who could see that more and more they were going to go off and create their own lives. It was time for me to start creating mine. This was really scary for me!

“If it scares you it might be a good thing to try” Seth Godin

The first time I participated in the group chats, and shared my little creations online it felt so unknown, a little bit scary and I felt quite vulnerable. But then, well I guess the rest is history as they say. I watched this talk by Brene Brown and cried my eyes out and even now I have got tears in my eyes. I had this HUGE revelation that fear has held me back from lots of things in my life. That around some things I hadn’t been very brave at all and that made me feel so sad. But then I seized that new knowledge about myself and about courage and there was no turning back! ( started a blog, instagram, more online classes, watercolour classes in real life, met up with people I’ve met online).

I am taking opportunities more often to practice being brave. For me there is a definite link between being creative and being brave. I am overcoming blank  page syndrome one page at a time, pursuing my interests, speaking my mind more, creating more and sharing more. I am stepping into the unknown, the uncomfortable, the scary and I can feel myself getting stronger. I am enjoying my life more, excited about the future and supporting my girls to be brave with their choices too.

I am going to stop here for now and share a couple more quotes which I think are great. Thank you for reading this quite revealing post about me. Writing and posting this has made me another bit braver. Emily x

“Do one thing every day that scares you”  Eleanor Roosevelt

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up” Brene Brown.



21 thoughts on “What is Brave ?

  1. Your beautiful piece of writing made me cry-in a good way! I have a feeling the ‘Brave’ prompts will make all of us get messy-ites cry a little bit.
    I think you are spot on-being brave is all about recognising fear and pushing past it. Love this post…I think it is one of my favourites you have written x x


    1. Thank you Tash ! Yes our art journals might get a little messy with tears dropping in the pages . It’s all good though . Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment xx


  2. This so resonates with me, Emily, as you would know. We’ve been on this journey together from very much the same starting point. I remember how intimidating it used to feel looking at that blank piece of paper, feeling stupidly anxious about making the first mark. Yet now I can embrace that blankness with an eagerness to see what will evolve today. It is important to step outside the comfort zone (provided it’s safe!)I always remind myself that there is security in holding onto the edge of the skating rink but there is so much more to explore if we can let go and skate out into the middle.


    1. So beautifully said Carolyn! Isn’t it great how much things can change if we are willing to step out if our comfort zone. I love your ice skating analogy too. It’s been so lovely having a “learn to skate” buddy xx


  3. I just discovered Brene Brown a few months ago through that very talk you link to and love what she says, it has been very timely for me where I’m at in my life. I’m half-way through her third book at the moment and getting a lot out of it. And Susan Jeffers is a classic! I still remember bits out of it twenty years after first reading it.


    1. I’ve finally started reading one her books too – The gifts of imperfection . And yes it feel like the right time for me too . I might need to add the Susan Jeffers on to my list aswell.Thanks for your comment Jacqui 🙂


    1. I hope you enjoy it too Clare. And you are right it’s worth being able to listen with your full attention. Let me know what you think and thanks for popping in and leaving a comment x


  4. Beautiful post – diving into the unknown is such a brave and rewarding thing to do. I have also heard people say “lean into discomfort” and I think that’s important too. To try and resist that initial urge to run from things that make us uncomfortable.


  5. Love your transformation, and your courage to step out and try. I highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on “your elusive creative genius”…it’s a good one for the next steps.


  6. It definitely takes bravery to be creative. I love the phrase “Fear gives you the opportunity to be brave” I’m not sure where I heard that but I love it and live by it. Keep being brave!


  7. I felt really emotional reading your words and your journey to now. Art journaling is such a great way to tap into things and this season particularly is going to be quite deep I think. I love your pages and your art, and so glad to have ‘met’ you and be able to cheer you on along the way xxx


  8. You certainly are brave Emily and are a fabulous example of someone who is seizing the day and following their passion. Good on you. It is proof that when you embrace the uncomfortableness(is there such a word?:)) If not, there should be:), good things happen!


  9. Such an honest post Emily, that’s obviously got everyone talking about bravery. From my experience, every time I’ve felt scared and said to myself ‘No, you are not backing out, just get on that plane/make that speech/apply for that job/start that blog’ I have never EVER regretted it. More doors have opened and life is richer as a result. Here’s to bravery! x

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