Get Messy Prompts: Serenity week 6 : Craft swap


The sun is shining today on the first day of spring and I am feeling happy to have made it through winter and another season of posting weekly for Get Messy Thursdays. I’ve got a few nice things to look forward to in the very near future (involving days off work and warmer temperatures) and it feels like we have nearly made it through term 3.

My journal pages this week are made using mainly things I received in a craft swap though the GM group(thanks Halley and thanks Julia for organizing it all). Can you see from the woman’s face( thank you ikea) that I really didn’t know what to do with the supplies?(thank you Ikea catalogue). So that’s what the page became, a kind of portrayal of me looking at this random bunch of  quirky and fun things, and the having my prompts page and coming up with this. I actually like it now because it tells a little story. I made the second page to include the lovely postcard from my GM swap partner so I can remember this aswell, so it’s perhaps more visual journal than art journal.


My second photo show how my art journal is filling up, bulging even! I’m quite proud of it, it shows me how I really am sticking at it. Although that makes it sounds like it’s work, which it so isn’t! I’ve recently bought a big art journal to try creating in, and a big sketch book too. My inclination is always to do small things, but I’m all for pushing outside of my comfort zone these days, plus as I have already mentioned…. #stationeryaddict !


I feel like I’m in need of some down time, some renewal, some watching of waves and sand in my toes. But right now I am just as content as can be watching my washing flap around outside!!! in the sun!!!. Yippeee it’s spring 🙂

Emily x

p.s . “challenge, community and sharing” is how Get Messy art journaling was described over on Instagram today, and I think that describes it perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Get Messy Prompts: Serenity week 6 : Craft swap

  1. The bulging is my favourite part of keeping a visual journal (though I haven’t touched mine for awhile).
    I’m also going to try to work larger – smaller paintings usually just mean more fiddling on my part. It will be lovely to splash some paint around.
    Thanks for reminding me that I need to bring my washing in – completely forgot about it.


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