Get Messy Art Journal :Season of Words : Week One


This season with Get Messy Art journal is around the theme of Words and using or creating an altered book. It was no trouble for me to have an eye out for suitable books in the op shops. The trouble is that I keep finding them, they seem to have a magnetic pull on me. Well that is the first thing, the second problem is that after the little rush of happiness that comes from treasure finding in a second hand shop, and I have rescued them and taken them home with me ,I get attached to them! Kind of sentimental even though they have only been mine for a few hours!

Oops! They put a spell on me and somehow turn from being a suitable book to paint over, or rip pages out of or chop up, and I feel I can’t possible cover up the beauty, the age, the history and of course the words!

Words that someone once took the time to write!

Luckily for me I saw this idea in an art journal magazine ( which my mum found in an op shop), to use a children’s board book and gesso the pages to create a little art journal. I set about finding a second hand one ( and bought four extra books as well). I managed to cover some of the pages in gesso and then collage a page from an old school dictionary with some letters from a magazine. It looks really cute, and I think because it’s small and only has a few pages it will be perfect for me for this season of words which is coinciding with a really stressful time in our family.

Here it is….


So here’s to the magic of old books, art journaling and my commitment to art journal weekly with Get Messy art journal challenge. I think it is going to help keep me going!

Emily 🙂


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